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Presenter 5 User Guide

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All of the configuration settings including:


Identifying available display devices

Output position

Text appearance

Video playback setup

and many more options

are accessible from the 'cog' icon in the top left hand corner of the main control window.





Press this button to have the option section buttons slide in from the left hand edge. The icon will turn blue when active.


lightbulb-4The keyboard shortcut is CTRL+,







The Options are divided into four categories:




Review and assign the output(s) required, along with the appearance of lyrics, messages and Scripture text that can be individually tailored to each output.  For example, you can adjust the appearance of song lyrics with a larger font size on the Stage display. Output setting details...


lightbulb-4In previous Presenter versions the Output Definitions (monitor assignment) were separate to the Output Settings (appearance). Now they are more logically grouped together.




Provides settings for lyrics (eg. copyright options), text override rules (eg. Do we want to display the word "Chorus" if it appears in the lyric file?), and stage timer appearance (eg. clock). Display settings details...




Theme settings and Thumbnail appearance (to override the theme colors if required). Control setting details...




Various settings relating to run sheets, video testing, spelling options, image cache and checking for updates. Advanced settting details...




You can drill in to each subsection wherever you see a right arrow arrow-right-12 and return to the previous panel by pressing the left arrow arrow-left-12


Close the Options panel completely at any time by clicking on the cog icon again.


lightbulb-4Options vary between editions.