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Presenter 5 User Guide

The Custom Monitor Details defines a specific region anywhere on the desktop.

Use these settings to define a named area that you can subsequently select for one of your outputs.






Brief description.



Select the system monitor used as the reference.


To Monitor

Enable the slider and select a second monitor


Stay on Top

Keep the output of this display above others when possible



Relative or Fixed


Relative position

Location is represented as a percentage of the reference monitor(s)


Fixed position

Location is represented in pixel coordinates


Helper options are available for size and position. Example:

- Top right corner with 50% width and height

- Aspect 16:9 with HD1080 preset



lightbulb-4 Custom monitors are particularly useful when using a display splitter, such as the Matrox "Dual/Triple Head 2 Go" products. A single display adapter on the computer is connected to the input with the two or three outputs connected to the physical monitor/projector. Windows identifies this as one (very wide) output. Custom monitors would be defined as the left, center or right 33% of that display adapter. Search with the terms "DualHead2Go" or "TripleHead2Go" for details.