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Presenter 5 User Guide

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Video Settings

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Video settings with DirectShow selected

Video settings with DirectShow selected


Presenter gives you the choice of two video rendering systems to select for playback.


DirectShow: A component of DirectX in the native Windows system. Some video formats will play 'out of the box' while others require the addition of DirectShow filters. DirectShow is selected by default, but the installation of a codec pack is usually required for the popular formats (eg. MP4).

VLC: A popular media application that supports many formats. Presenter does not include the VLC engine, but will interface to it when installed.


Both of these additional applications are available for free from the Internet.


lightbulb-4 Our recommendation is to install both, and make VLC active for video playback.


DirectShow is still used for some processes, such as generating thumbnail images for the video items in the browser.


Details and assistance for each option are provided in the respective sections.



Changing the active video engine will take place when Presenter is restarted.


Video settings after VLC has been activated

Video settings after VLC has been activated


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