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Presenter 5 User Guide

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Video Setup for VLC

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This section provides information and assistance to test the playback of videos using the VLC rendering engine.


This diagram will be typical of a new installation without VLC installed.


Unsuccessful playback attempt without VLC installed

Unsuccessful playback attempt without VLC installed


Select a sample file to test for playback. The status will be updated after a few seconds. The bottom panel guides you to the direct download link of the latest VLC version for your operating system.


Important: Install the same VLC platform version as your Windows system: Win32 for 32-bit systems; Win64 for 64-bit systems.


A 32-bit VLC version will install on a 64-bit system, but will not be able to be referenced by Presenter.



lightbulb-4 Restart Presenter and return to this section after installing VLC.


Successful VLC video test

Successful VLC video test



The additional video information may be of assistance for advanced users.


If all OK, activate VLC as the preferred playback option. This will take effect after Presenter is restarted.


lightbulb-4_30 For more information on VLC, visit the web site at: