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Presenter 5 User Guide

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The topics in this section provide some basic information about Presenter 5 and what you can achieve.


Getting started


The very first time Presenter starts up it will automatically assign the outputs to the available displays. If Presenter only found one display, a custom monitor is created and assigned to Output 1 (Main) to enable you to set started. This output is located in the top right hand corner (50% width and height) and will therefore overlap the control window.

The Preparing Your Computer topic provides information on the multi-monitor support provided by Microsoft® Windows as well as recommended display settings when using a computer for presentations.

The Quick Start Tutorial provides a brief tour to help you become familiar with the basic operation.

If you have the time you can just step through each topic in turn using the arrow keys in the top right hand corner.


Learning more


See the more detailed topics describing the Control Window.

Review the Keyboard Shortcuts to assist with operating Presenter.

To help identify video playback problems, see Settings > Advanced > Video.


Users upgrading from previous versions of Presenter


For a quick summary of the major changes to Presenter 5 from earlier versions, see the feature matrix on our web site along with the Additional Information > FAQ. Even if you are an experienced Presenter user, we recommend that you run through the Introduction and Quick Start Tutorials sections.  Existing users will recognize some familiar territory, but discover new and updated features in a brand new interface.