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Presenter 5 User Guide

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Welcome to Presenter 5

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Presenter is a multimedia control system for displaying text, video and other media formats. We trust it will serve as a valuable tool for your presentation needs.


Learning the features and getting the most out of new software can take some time and some help along the way is often appreciated. In addition to this help file, we have an online knowledge base of questions and answers that will hopefully assist as well. Beyond that, you are welcome to contact us for support.


Notes about this Help file:


1.Presenter Editions: This help file includes topics across all editions of Version 5. As such, some information may not be applicable to your installation. See Introduction > Editions for distinguishing features of each one.  Where possible, the relevant edition(s) are indicated in the topic with a checked icon grid:
Representing: Personal | Express | Standard | Premium respectively.
For example, a section relevant to the Standard and Premium editions will have:



2.Expandable sections are indicated with a plus symbol. Click on the text to expand the section.

tog_plus        Expanding Topic


3.Images: Large images are reduced in size for practical reasons, but can be double-clicked to expand to their original size.

4.A globe icon lightbulb-4 indicates a tips or suggestion

5.An alert icon report-problem-triangle  indicates an important note for your attention