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Presenter 5 User Guide

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Some questions...


Q. Can I use my songs and media from Version 4?


A. Yes, songs, images and most file types are compatible between Version 4 and 5, with one exception: The equivalent of the display schemes in Presenter 4 (.P4Ds extension) now have a .PrDS extension and are not directly compatible.


Version 5 includes a substantial collection of songs and other media as part of the installation. All media is stored in a location totally independent of previous versions of Presenter (3 and 4).


All files are maintained under the Presenter5 folder of the Shared Public Documents. On Windows 10, this is:




lightbulb-4 If you have Presenter 4 installed, you will see these two folders side by side.


The Media subfolder contains the relevant content for each file type.


lightbulb-4You can open the File Explorer from within the browser for each section and also drag and drop files into the browser (if a folder is selected).



Quick comparison of V4 and V5 folders

Quick comparison of V4 and V5 folders



Q. Will I need to re-install a codec pack for video playback?


A. If you have Version 4 installed and video playback is working, then no, the same videos should also work in Version 5.

For more details and assistance on videos, please visit the Options > Advanced > Video section.



Q. What's the deal with Windows 32bit and 64bit support?


A. Presenter 5 is packaged with both native 32bit and 64bit support. The correct version is installed automatically for you based on your Operating System platform.



Q. Will this affect my Presenter V3 or V4 installation?


A. Presenter 5 is a completely separate application, so it can be installed and uninstalled (heaven forbid!) with no impact to the other programs.



Q. I have purchased a Bible Module for V4. Do I need to buy it again?


A. No. Just the filename extension has changed: from P4BBL to PrBBL and they now have a new home in the C:\Users\Public\Documents\Presenter5\Bibles folder. Ask us if you would like some assistance with migrating your existing Bible modules. Note that downloading the public domain translations is now integrated into the Scripture tab of the browser, so you can let the program download a fresh copy at any time.



Q. Will there be a Mac OS version?


A. We are working on providing a Mac version of Presenter.